Morgan's Pomade

Morgan's Pomade

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One of the oldest independent hair and beauty product manufacturers in England, Morgan's has been styling generation after generation. 

  • Water-based formula that washes out easily
  • 100% recyclable glass jar
  • Made in UK

Matt Pomade

  • 100g in recyclable jar
  • Medium-strong hold, low shine finish
  • Bold Brazilian orange scent
  • Suitable for short-medium length hair

Styling Pomade

  • 100g in recyclable jar
  • Firm hold and healthy shine
  • Enriched with Keratin Amino Acids and Argan Oil
  • Rich warm smoky, woody fragrance of Oudh & Amber

To use, rub a small amount of the pomade between the palms and work through the hair from root to tip, then style as normal. Apply to towel-dried hair, or apply to dry hair for more hold and slightly less shine.


Morgan's Pomade was the hair product of choice for my grandfather, and having used it since my 20s, I've learned it's for good reason. All features aside, it's frangrance is a nice reminder of the warm summer nights we'd go for ice cream. A cool breeze would carry the amber and oudh through the air but not a hair would be displaced. Two generations later, I keep both the Matt and Styling pomade in my grooming cabinet.

x. The Curator